CitySmart: Reduce Your Juice

Reduce Your Juice

About Reduce Your Juice

~The rising cost of energy is an issue for Australian households on low, fixed and unreliable incomes. Reduce Your Juice is an innovative approach to assist these households to become more energy efficient and better manage their energy use.

Reduce Your Juice uses a combination of fun games, digital messages, activities and rewards to help participants reduce their energy usage. The program is delivered using digital media including a smartphone app, emails, social media and SMS.

game-in-situ-noshadingOnce accepted into the program, participants download an app via the Google Play or Apple App store and then play three different mini-games over six weeks. Each mini-game has a different theme related to reducing energy costs in the home.

To support the mini-games, there is a program of fun activities and messages to help participants learn how to reduce their electricity bills.

As participants play each game for more than 10 minutes, they progress to the next stage and can earn some sweet goodies along the way. Upon completion of all three games, participants will then move to the final stage where they answer a survey and earn a chance at the major reward.

For more information on Reduce Your Juice, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).