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What if I don’t want to receive communications anymore?

Oh no, don’t like our messages? That’s sad. But receiving communications such as email and SMS messages is a key part of Reduce Your Juice. Unfortunately if you unsubscribe from communications you are also giving up your opportunity to earn the sweet rewards, including the major reward (replacement fridge or washing machine, or Weber BBQ). If you still decide you don’t want to hear from us anymore, just click the unsubscribe link in the emails or SMS. If you have any more questions, contact us and we will be able to help.




Why are you asking me so many questions?

Reduce Your Juice trials a new approach to energy efficiency, so we want to learn from you what worked and what didn’t work so well. We are partnering with QUT, who are helping us  to help us do some research to make sense of everything. They like to ask a lot of questions to understand things properly!


Do I have to take part in the QUT surveys?

There are a few different surveys in Reduce Your Juice, including two QUT surveys. Taking part in the QUT surveys is optional however if you do complete them, you will have the chance to win an iPad mini! You will need to complete the other surveys (one at the start and one at the end) to stay in the running to earn the rewards.



What do I need to do to earn the rewards?

As you tackle each stage of the program, you can earn some sweet rewards. There a few simple steps and actions for you to do, such as playing the games for a designated amount of time or completing some short surveys within the timeframe. We will let you know via email exactly what you need to do by when. During the program you will need to play each of the 3 mobile mini-games for a minimum of 10 minutes over the 2 weeks it is unlocked, stay subscribed to receive email and SMS communications from us, take part in some short online  surveys, do some energy saving activities and let us learn about what works for you.
Why am I getting a BBQ and not a fridge or washing machine?

When you register for the program, you are randomly allocated to be in the running to receive different rewards. But don’t worry, they are all awesome! The replacement fridge or washing machine and the Weber BBQ pack are the same value, so either way you are winning.


What if I don’t own my fridge or washing machine?

If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a participant who is eligible to have their fridge or washing machine replaced with a new energy efficient model, you will need to show ownership of your fridge so that we can swap it over for you.  If you eligible to receive a replacement fridge or washing machine but don’t own either a fridge or washing machine, you will need to contact us so we can sort something out for you.


Why do I have to give up my old fridge or washing machine? 

Old fridges and washing machines can chew up a heap of juice (and money) so if you are eligible, we will replace your old fridge or washing machine with an energy efficient model that uses way less energy and saves you money off your energy bill in the long run.


What happens to my old fridge or washing machine? 

Your old fridge or washing machine will be recycled so that the materials don’t go to waste and we reduce any impact on the environment. Our friends at BoysTown will be taking care of recycling your old juice-guzzlers.


What if I move house during Reduce Your Juice? 

So that we know where to send your rewards, please let us know your new address straight away.


What is in my welcome pack?

Your welcome pack will include a range of goodies and will come with instructions for how to use each item. Make sure to keep all items handy – you may need them later down the track…


How long should my rewards take to get delivered to me? 

We will try to get your rewards packs sent out to you as quickly as we can. Once you have completed the required actions in each stage, you should receive your pack within 5 days. As your final reward is quite hefty, it will take us a little longer to get it out to you. Our friends at the Good Guys who are supplying these final rewards will be in contact within 2 weeks of you completing the program to schedule in a suitable delivery time with you.


I didn’t receive my rewards pack in the mail, what do I do? 

Oh no, hopefully your dog didn’t chase the postman away… Contact us and we will help find your rewards pack.


I already own a BBQ, do I have to give that up? 

If you like, you can arrange for your old BBQ recycled when the new one is delivered. This will ensure all the materials are properly recycled and there is minimal impact on the environment. You don’t have to do this though.


Do I have to be home to receive the rewards?  

Someone will need to be home to receive your rewards packs as we need someone to sign to make sure your received your goodies.  You definitely need to be home to accept delivery of your final reward (replacement fridge or washing machine, or BBQ).Our friends at the Good Guys will give you a call to arrange a suitable time for the delivery of your final reward, so make sure you don’t screen your calls!



The game

How do I log into the app?

Use the email address and password you used when you registered for the program.


I’ve forgotten my password to log in

No worries – there is an option to reset your password underneath the login fields – just click the link and follow the prompts. We will email you a link to reset your password.


How do I download the app?

Go to either the Apple app store or Google Play to download the app. You can follow the links from the Reduce Your Juice homepage, or otherwise just search for Reduce Your Juice and download the app.


What if I forget to play?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We will send you email and SMS reminders to help you remember to play so you don’t miss out on earning rewards.


What if I don’t play for long enough?

You need to play each of the app games for 5 minutes per week, over 6 weeks (total 30 minutes) to be able to earn rewards in Reduce Your Juice. You need to clock up 5 minutes of game play time each week but don’t worry, we know you might get busy and forget to play so we will send you reminders to make it easy for you to remember to play.


How long do I need to play the app games for?

You will need to play each game for a minimum of 10 minutes (5 minutes per week) in order to unlock your rewards. We recommend you to play for longer so you become a true juice-blaster master.


I’ve been playing the games but received an email saying I  haven’t been playing?

The app needs to connect to the internet every week to capture your playtime online. If you need to connect but have run out of data, here’s a bunch of FREE Wi-Fi hotspots you can use.


I don’t have any data. What should I do?

No data? Do not fear! Here’s a bunch of FREE Wi-Fi hotspots you can use.


How do I download the app?

Easy peasy, just go to App Store. The Reduce Your Juice app is available through both the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.


Keyboard disappearing when you try to log in on your Android phone?

If your keyboard is ‘disappearing’ when you try to login to Reduce Your Juice on your Android phone, you may have to change your keyboard.

To find out how to do this, please follow the steps on this link

If you don’t find your answer there, then please refer to the manufacturer of your phone’s help and support centre.

  • HTC –
  • Samsung –
  • Lenovo –
  • Sony –
  • LG –
  • Nokia –


I have been playing the games but have received reminder emails

You need to be logged in using your correct email address and password. Check that you are not playing through the ‘free play’ link. Go to the ‘Settings’ icon in the app, tap ‘Sign out’ then log back in using your email address and password.

Make sure you play each game for 10 minutes whilst logged in correctly to earn your rewards. Also check that you have been online at some stage to log your play time – the app needs to send the information back to us whilst you are online so we can tell you have earned your reward.


After the program

 What happens after I finish Reduce Your Juice?

After you’re all done with Reduce Your Juice, we encourage you to take on everything you have learnt throughout the program and continue saving bucks in your energy ways (your wallet will thank you!).

We also may be in touch regarding future program opportunities in future that you may be eligible for.


Have a question that wasn’t answered?

We are happy to answer any queries you may have about Reduce Your Juice, just contact us.


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