CitySmart: Reduce Your Juice

Reduce Your Juice

Ultimate Powerhack Guide

For those of you looking to Reduce Your Juice and save some money on your energy bill, here’s a cheat sheet of all the things you can do around the house to hack your power bill.

Grab your phone and tick them off as you go.

Summer Powerhacks


Fans rule! These sweet breezes can make your room feel 3°C cooler. That’s right, the movement of air actually has a cooling effect.

Temperature matters

Every degree of cooling bumps up your energy use by up to 10%. Keep your air con at 24 degrees. Resist the urge to make your aircon super cold – it just makes it work harder to cool the room, which uses more energy and runs up your power bill.

DIY Aircon

Aircon is one of the great watt-wasters in your home but never fear, you can make your own. Just grab a shallow bowl, fill it with ice and place it in front of your trusty desk fan. As it evaporates, the ice will cool the air. This also works by placing a wet towel or sheet over a curtain rod. Voila, air conditioning!

Cool change

Nifty trick. Position your fan near an open door or window for an extra fan-tastic cooling effect– it brings in a sweet breeze to help cool down your place.
Too cool for school Setting the aircon to icy when you get home doesn’t cool the house any faster, it just uses more energy. Have a little patience and you can save money on your bill.

Too cool for school

Setting the aircon to icy when you get home doesn’t cool the house any faster, it just uses more energy. Have a little patience and you can save money on your bill.

Shut up

In summer when you leave the windows and blinds open, you let the outside temperature heat up your place. Then if you run the aircon, it has to work harder to cool the room, costing you more money on your bill. Closing your windows, curtains and blinds helps act an insulator and provides efficient cooling. Plus it stops the cool air from escaping.

Combo deal

On really hot days, try running your air conditioner and fan together to cool your place faster. Aim to turn the air con on for no longer than an hour to cool the room, then maintain cooling effect using your fan.The movement of air from the fan will help reduce the temperature of your room, plus your aircon can cost up to 25 times more than using your ceiling fan.

Polar bear

Summer is the perfect time to save money on hot water. Try changing to cold showers for big savings on your bill and a refreshing burst to your day! Plus, rinsing in cold water makes your hair shiny.

Over sensitive

Make sure keep your appliances away from your aircon sensor. Appliances give off heat that can make your aircon over work and use more juice.

Performance boost

Have you cleaned your aircon’s filter lately? A build-up of dirt and dust on the filter will use more energy as your aircon works harder to cool the air.

Chill out

Sick of getting a giant summer electricity bill from running the aircon all day? Time to go to the shops! Shopping Centres are the coolest spaces around and make the perfect place to ‘chill’ without paying for aircon.

Bedtime boost

To save some watts on those long, hot summer nights, try running your aircon for an hour or so before you go to bed, then switch over to a fan to maintain the cooling effect during the night. Or if your aircon has a timer, use that to reduce the length of time you have the air con running.

Sweet treats

The perfect way to give your energy bill a break? Grab a beach towel and a buddy and spend the day soaking up the sun. For a bonus juice detox, pack healthy ready-made smoothies (banana, pineapple, yoghurt and honey). After all, it’s summer somewhere.

Culture craving

Entertain you kids on those long hot summer days and grab a dose of culture at the same time. Visit a museum, art gallery or library – the coolest place to be, in so many ways.

 Make friends with salad

Eating cool meals in summers helps you stay cool on the inside. And of course it’s the same deal with drinks – freeze some grapes or herbs to keep your drinks cooler for longer without diluting them.

 Chill in the shade

Go bush and relax on a hammock, or chill out at your local park. Bonus – heaps of Brisbane parks have free Wi-Fi you can use to play Reduce Your Juice!

 Polar Bare

Have a brisk cold shower! It not only cools you down, but saves you a big bunch of cash on your power bill by not having to heat the water. Keep it quick though to save on water too.

 Shut it up

Close your blinds to keep the hot air out first thing in the morning, and open them in the afternoon once the sun is down to let the breeze in and flush out the hot air.

 Go alfresco

Eat outside! You’ll soak up some of the sun’s rays and enjoy the natural ambience whilst using Mother Nature’s aircon – a breeze. Too easy!

 Mall rats

Go to the shops, museum or library (free Wi-Fi!), or hang out in the freezer aisle. All perfect excuses to get out of the house and use someone else’s aircon


Grab an old spray bottle to recycle, fill it with water and maybe a little cucumber for your complexion and chill out on a humid day.

 Make a splash

Use your local swimming pool to cool down and splash around, or get a paddle pool instead (great for pets!).

 Mini fan

Take your smallest fan with you on your adventures and keep cool no matter where you are.

 Beached as

Take a day trip to the beach to cool down with the ocean breeze. Plus the salt water is great for your skin!

 Cool runnings

Wet and freeze your sweat band or hat before you go for a run or walk. Ice, ice baby.

 Cruise control

Go for a drive to feel the breeze! The movement of air has a cooling effect, so wind the windows down and enjoy the wind in your hair. Easy breezy.

 Nudie naptime

Sleeping in your birthday suit helps keep you cool at night. Put on the fan and feel the breeze.

 Brain freeze

Don’t tell Mum, but eating ice-cream can help you cool right down… just make sure you don’t eat it too fast to avoid that ever-so-annoying brain freeze!

 Sub-zero woofer

Don’t forget your furry friends in the summer heat – freeze a water bottle for your pets to help them stay cool in the middle of summer.

 Sprinkle, sprinkle little star

If you have to water your garden, make sure you have a quick run through the sprinklers at the same time for a 2-in-1 cooling effect. And to relive your youth!


Grab some water pistols and have a bit of fun outside! Aircon is so boring compared to a stealthy water war.

 N-Ice Dreams

Find it hard to sleep on those hot summer nights? Grab some ice packs and a tea-towel to create a summer version of a hot water bottle. Bring your cooling pack to bed and sleep soundly all night long.

 Feel the freeze

Your furry friends will be feeling the heat too during the summer months. Take a frozen water bottle and wrap it in a tea towel to keep them cool. It’s like air-con for pets and it won’t cost you a cent. Throw some into a paddle pool to keep the temperature nice and cool. This trick will keep Killa Watt entertained for hours!

 Summer slumber

Gather the family for a movie night and slumber party in the living room. That way you’ll only have to cool down one room and you get to spend quality time together. Don’t forget the popcorn!

 Pick-me-up pedicure

If the heat is getting you under the weather, fill up a tub with icy water and pop your feet inside for an instant cool down. Add smooth pebbles to the water to provide a gentle massage or some lemon juice to keep your paws smelling sweet in the heat!

 Paddle pop

Instead of sweating it out inside a hot house, get outside and fill up a paddle pool to keep cool on a hot day. Cheap and easy fun for the whole family, including the dog!

 Wipe down

Wet a face washer and wipe down your face, arms and legs while sitting in front of a fan to ramp up the chill factor.

Winter Powerhacks

Temperature matters

Every degree of heating bumps up your energy use by up to 10%. Check your heater’s thermostat. Can you save a degree or two? Do you really need it on? Maybe ditch the heater and don some warm clothes or get under the blankets to save money on your power bill.

Home zoner

Defend your home’s temperature by using zones – close the doors and only heat the rooms you are actually using to reduce your energy use. Plus, your furniture won’t mind either way.

Tick tock

Ever thought about how long you leave the heater on for? Heaters are money-hungry appliances. Cutting down the amount of time you run your heater will help you save big on your energy bills.

Clock off

Does your heater have a timer? Using the timer to reduce the overall time your heater runs can save you big time on energy consumption, which means less on your bills. If you can’t work out how to use the timer, just Google your heater model to find instructions.

Mind the gaps

Brrrr! When it’s cold outside, it’s time to plug all the gaps in your house. Close the doors and grab a door snake or some towels to keep all that warm fuzzy heat inside.

Hello sunshine!

Here’s a simple, energy free way to heat your home on chilly winter days. Open your blinds first thing in the morning and let the sun shine in. When the sun sets, close your curtains and blinds again and use door snakes to trap all that toasty warmth in one room… yours. Easy peasy.

Switch it up

Did you know your ceiling fan can make your room warmer in winter? Yep. There’s a little switch that makes the blades rotate clockwise, drawing the cooler air up and pushing the warm air down. Genius.

Blankie buddy

What better way is there to beat the winter blues than to find a blanket or rug to snuggle under with a buddy. Get under the covers before you reach for the heater to save big bucks on your energy bill.

Toasty toes

Did you know you can use rugs and carpets on slab and wooden floors to help your home retain heat? Trapping the heat inside reduces the amount of energy your heater needs to heat the room.

Oven Lovin’

Winter is the perfect time for a little baked action. After that delicious batch of brownies comes out of the oven and you turn the oven off, leave the door open. You’ll be pleasantly chuffed at how cosy all that leftover heat will make your kitchen.

Sweet dreams

Grab yourself a hot water bottle for some good ol’ traditional warmth. Electric blankets will cost you a packet but this lil guy is worth his weight in gold. Try adding a mattress underlay and donning some flannelette PJs or a onesie to amp up the warmth.

Extreme accessories

Your body loses heat faster through your extremities, so ditch the heater and grab a beanie and some woolly socks to keep your body’s heat close to home.

Winter warmers

Winter is the perfect time to cook up a storm in the kitchen – all the excess heat will help keep your place toasty, plus chowing down on some steaming winter sensations will help you warm up from the inside.

Draft dodger

Move your furniture around so it’s not so close to the walls and openings in your home. Exterior walls and old windows are likely to be cold and drafty, so moving your living space away from them will help you stay warm.

Singlet surrender

It’s time to lay down your singlets Queenslanders. When winter comes, it’s time to grab a jumper and layer up to keep warm. Scarves – they’re not just for the deep south! Don’t worry, winter doesn’t last long and you will be able to embrace your singlets again in no time!

Tea time

Before you reach for the heater, try warming up from the inside out – Grab your biggest cup, find your fave hot bevvie and make a cuppa. Hug your mug closely for some extra warmth!

I like to move it

Don’t just lay there on the couch as you watch TV in winter. During the adverts, hop up off the couch for 60 seconds and do 20 jumping jacks or make your bathroom break a mad dash. It’ll get your blood pumping and stop your muscles from going into hibernation. Summer will come around soon, so it’s a great way to look after your body and stay active.


Some appliances are only used seasonally so it pays to pull the plug when they are not being used. Snooze appliances like your air con or second fridge for the winter until they are needed again.

Heat lamp hell

If you have a heat lamp at your place, resist the urge to turn it on! Two minutes of toastiness is not worth the dent in your bank account. Grab your slippers and robe to keep you toasty instead.

Heater health

Just like your aircon, your heater may need a little health check to make it work more efficiently. Clean the filter to avoid a build-up of dirt and dust and save some coin on its running costs.

 Set up camp

Don’t waste your dollars heating up every room in the house over winter! Instead, enjoy a fun night of family bonding by camping together in the living room. For extra-happy campers, don’t forget the marshmallows!


Don’t standby me

Look around your house for those little red standby lights to see what’s secretly chewing your juice. Leaving your appliances on ‘standby’ still uses electricity. Standby power can suck up to 10% of your home’s electricity. Power down the stuff you’re not using to put cash back in your pocket.

The usual suspects

Those gadgets you love most are also the ones that hurt your wallet most. Leaving your entertainment devices on all the time is costing you mega bucks. Target the worst standby power offenders and turn them off at the wall. Sneakiest gadgets include your computer, Wi-Fi, set top boxes, TV and game consoles.

Game over

Did you know that game consoles are thirsty power guzzlers? Yep, you might think you are saving the game but you’re really losing cash down the drain. Turning your console off at the wall (yes all the way off) can save you heaps of power. It may take a while to boot up but you can use the time to think of all the cash you are saving.

Dim it down

If your monitor shines like a small sun, it’s probably causing strain to both your eyes and your wallet. Go on a mini mission and check all your screens, from your computer, to your TV, to your housemate’s second favourite laptop. A couple of shades dimmer could make a bigger difference than you think.

Screen time

Don’t mistake computer screensavers as energy savers. When your screen saver is on, you are still using energy as your screen is still on. Switch off your monitor off completely when not in use to save.

Hour of power

Most people charge their phones overnight, but that’s way too much time for such a small device. Instead of plugging your phone in before bed, charge it as soon as you get up for work, then grab the little guy on your way out the door.


You wouldn’t leave your tv on 24/7 so why leave the computer on all time? It’s using a stack of juice. Use the time it takes to reboot to make a cup of tea and think of all the cash you saved.

Wi-Fight it

We all love to be connected online, but how much is it costing you IRL (in real life)? Wi-Fi is one of your home’s highest standby energy suckers. Since you are probably not surfing the web in your sleep, shut down your Wi-Fi while at night or when you’re not home to save a heap of money on your electricity bill.

Switch n’ save

How do you Reduce Your Juice in 0.8 seconds? Plug your modem, set top box, TV, game console and other devices into an energy saving powerboard. It’ll automatically cut the power when nothing’s in use and stop your stuff from draining your juice on standby.

Time after time

Consider grabbing yourself a switch timer – these nifty gadgets are a great investment. Perfect for charging your gadgets like your laptop or turning the Wi-Fi or aircon off at night.


Remember to unplug the charger on your phone, laptop, MP3 player and other gadgets once they are charged. Your gadgets don’t need to be left on charge 24/7. Not only will the battery work better but you will use less energy and save cash, so you can get back to using them! You don’t keep filling up a glass of water once it’s full – same deal with your gadgets and electricity, stop wasting your watts.

Old school

Go offline for some old school entertainment – have a board game night with your family or friends instead of using all your online gadgets. It’ll give your gadgets a rest and give you a chance to have some fun in real life!

The great outdoors

Remember that good ol’ thing, nature? Consider trading some time in front of your power-hungry devices for some time in the great outdoors. How about a walk or a picnic? Need tunes? Put your phone in a plastic cup to amplify your music.

 On the go

Let your phone stock up on juice without affecting your energy bill by charging it in the car while you drive. Better yet, switch it off or put it in Aeroplane Mode while charging. The battery will charge faster and you can stay super safe and distraction free!

 Super charge

For a faster, more efficient charge, switch off your devices when they are recharging. They will charge up faster, saving you cash on your power bill and you will be back playing Reduce Your Juice in no time!


Shower ballad

It’s time to come clean on your fave shower boogies and reduce your energy bill at the same time. Find the perfect shower tune to kickstart your day – Make it 4 minutes long (give or take), put it on, jump in the shower and dance up a storm. By the time it’s done, you should be too!

Shower vortex

If you’ve got a few people at your place who are all a bit partial to a long hot shower, your energy bill can quickly balloon. Grab a shower timer to keep track of the hot water minutes you are clocking up. Don’t let your shower become a time and money vortex!!

Plus one

What’s the easiest way to cut your shower bill in half? Shower together. It’s the ultimate in water and energy conservation. Throw the kids and the dog in for super-shower savings!

Cool hand Luke

Every time you heat up water it costs you money. Washing your hands, shaving and cleaning your teeth can all be done using cold water to save cash.


Flip off

When you are not in a room, flip the lights off. Leaving the lights on for long periods can double your bill. It’s a myth that turning the lights on and off uses more energy.

Bright spark

What’s the best way to remember to switch all the lights off before you leave the house? Make a mental checklist: Wallet, keys, phone, lights… GO!

Let the sunshine in

Open those blinds and let the sun shine in! Lighting makes up about 8% of your energy bill. We live in the Sunshine State, so why not make the most of the sun – it’s 100% free!

Light bulb moment

Need to replace a light bulb? Replace old style incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescents lights (CFLs), which are cheaper to run. When you are picking out your energy efficient globes, go for lower wattage bulbs instead – using less watts saves you money in the long term. Plus you don’t need to be able to see your house from space!

One, two, miss a few

If you have a large bank of lights or lots of lights in one room, consider taking out one or two light globes so you don’t use so much power. Odds are you probably won’t notice the difference!

Lamp love

If you have a room full of lights, try using smaller lamps instead of lighting up the whole room. Lighting a smaller space compared to an entire room can potentially reduce your energy consumption. Placing your lamp in a corner will help reflect the light off the walls for an enhanced effect.

Movie night

We all look better in the dark so why not try some mood lighting and cut your energy bill at the same time? Next time you watch a movie at home, create some real atmosphere in the room by switching off all the lights. That way, it’s just like the movies but without the big electricity bill.

Goodnight lights

Trouble getting the kids off to bed? Switch a small lamp or night light on in the kid’s bedrooms, then start turning all the other lights off in the house. Like moths to a flame, they’ll be snug as bugs in the bed in no time.

Lights on but no one’s home

Every house has an energy phantom who always forgets to turn off the lights! Get everyone on board. Turning off the lights is the easiest thing you can do to save money around the house.

Hungry, hungry halogens

Halogen downlights are sneaky juice-chewers. To avoid these energy hungry lights running up your bill, try using a lamp or replacing them with LED lights instead.

 Sunlight, so bright

We’re lucky we can take advantage of the sun for free, so where possible use solar lights outside to light up your driveway or patio at night time.

 Festive cheer

Don’t let a high energy bill get you down over the holidays. Be prepared and make sure all of your outdoor Christmas lights are solar powered. Your house gets all of the festive cheer without the hefty price-tag!

 It’s time

Another nifty way to keep those power bills under control is to put your favourite lamp on a timer. That way you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off, saving you energy and cash.

 One room wonder

When can you bring the whole house together into one room? Maybe for dinner or homework time? If everyone is studying together in the lounge or enjoying dinner together in the kitchen, the lights can be off in every other room. Family bonding and saving money, all in one go!


Shut the fridge door

Familiar story: You’re on the hunt for the perfect snack combo. You don’t have a photographic memory of your fridge contents, so you make your foodie decisions with the fridge door open. One problem: Leaving the door open for too long chews extra juice as your fridge has to bring the warmer room air back down to the right temp. Simple solution: Make a snappy snack decision to keep it to a minimum!

Goldilocks fridge

Having your fridge too cold costs you cash on your bill. Set your fridge to 4 degrees – It’s the perfect Goldilocks temperature, not too hot and not too cold. Juuuust right for your food and your bill. Plus, no one likes frozen cheese.

Breathing room

If your fridge’s feeling crowded and its ventilation is restricted, it can add up to 15% to its running costs. Give your fridge space to breathe – make sure there is at least 50mm of space at the top, back and sides to let it work at its best.

Fridge tetris

Improperly packed fridges and freezers can drain your energy. Think about it like this: when you open the door to your fridge or freezer, warm air from your kitchen comes in and replaces the cool air inside. So, the more empty space you have, the more warm air will enter your fridge, and the more energy your fridge will use. Your fridge should be relatively full, but with enough empty space around your items for the air to circulate efficiently. If you haven’t been shopping and have big gaps inside your fridge, try filling a container with water to fill the space.

Break up

Got a second fridge? A second fridge = a second fridge bill. It’s time to break up with your drinks fridge. Turning off your second fridge when you’re not using it can save you up to $290 a year! I’m sure you can think of better things to do with that money…

Blowin’ in the wind

Put a $5 note in the seal of your fridge to see if air is escaping (the note will flap with the breeze). If air is escaping, it is costing you money as your fridge works harder and chews more juice – replacing the seals is reasonably cheap and will save you money in the longer term.

Hot stuff

If your fridge is in the sun, it’s working harder and chewing more juice – a sweaty fridge is an expensive fridge. This goes for food too: If your fridge has to cool down hot food, it is working harder and chewing more juice. Wait until a dish has cooled down before placing it in the fridge and put cold items straight back into the fridge after use rather than letting them warm to room temperature.

Ice Age

Did you know that defrosting your freezer can save you cash? A build up in ice makes your freezer work harder to keep everything frozen. Defrosting your freezer makes it work more efficiently so you save you money on the cost of running it.

 Holiday time

Everyone loves a holiday, even your appliances! So, next time you are going away, plan ahead and use up everything in your fridge and freezer in the weeks leading up to your vaycay. Before you go, turn them both off at the wall. Now you and your cool appliances can switch off for the holidays.

 Bottle it

Everyone likes a bit of space, but trust us your freezer doesn’t need a lot. If there is lots of space in your freezer, fill it up with bottles of water. The less space in your freezer, the more efficiently it will run. Plus you can use the frozen bottles to stay cool on hot days. Double win!

 Frozen friends

What’s for dinner? Fail to plan, plan to fail! If you can think ahead and take some food out from the freezer in advance, you can defrost it in the fridge instead of the microwave. Each second of defrosting in the microwave costs you coin. The fridge is your friend.


Master chef

It’s time to cook up a storm! Cooking your meals in bulk can save you both time and money on your electricity. By cooking lots of food all at once you make the most of the heat used in your oven or stovetop.

Put a lid on it

Using lids on your pots and pans traps in the heat so it heats up faster. This cuts down your cooking time and your energy use. Bon appetite!

Kettle mettle

Only put as much water in the kettle as you need. Always filling up the kettle even if you are only making one cup not only wastes your watts, it takes longer. So if you’re making a cupper for yourself, only fill the kettle slightly more than one cup – it’s heaps quicker and uses less power. Boiling water in an electric kettle instead of using an electric stovetop will also save you money.

Get grillin’

Family, friends, snag sangas – what’s not to love? Something as small as swapping your oven for a weekly BBQ could save you cash on electricity. Plus, cooking outside on a hot day will save your place from heating up. Put all your barbie leftovers to good use during the week, and save yourself a heap of time preparing lunches and snacks.

Zap time

Is your microwave on all the time even when it’s not being used? That makes for an expensive clock! Use a powerboard or timer switch to make it easier to turn it off at the wall.

Tail ender

To save on running costs, turn off your stove and oven when your food is almost ready. Let the built up heat finish the cooking for you and save a few minutes on the heating time.

Too hot in the kitchen

Cooking up the storm in the kitchen this summer? If it gets too hot in the kitchen, try using your extraction fan to get rid of the excess heat from your house. It will help keep your kitchen nice and cool so you can enjoy dinner without cracking a sweat.

Faster pasta

Here’s a new way of cooking pasta that will save you time and energy! First, add the pasta to a saucepan before you add the water. Then add cold water and put on the stove to heat up and cook as normal. You save energy as the stove is not on for as long – you can cut the cooking time by up to half.

Perfect fit

When you cook up a storm on the stove, make sure the size of the pot you use are a good match for the size of the burner you are using. Heat (and cash) is lost when small pots are used on large burners.

 Be neat with the heat

Are you guilty of pre-heating the oven too much? Try not to set and forget, just preheat for the time required so that you don’t waste energy or money. Plus you’ll get your dinner into you quicker!


The full dish

It pays to wait until your dishwasher is full before you run it. Running a half empty dishwasher wastes a lot of water to clean a small number of dishes. Plus, the less you use the dishwasher, the more energy (and dishwashing detergent) you save.

Drip dry

Some dishwashers let you change the settings so that you can open the door once the wash cycle is finished and let your dishes dry naturally. Check your appliance manual for guidance. The drying cycle of your dishwasher consumes energy, whereas letting your dishes dry naturally is free!

Turning Japanese

Try leaving your shoes at the front door to stop dirt being tracked through your place – not having to vacuum as often will save your precious time and energy (and electricity).

 Dust buddy

Depending on your home, you may be able to get away with a really good vacuum once a week by using your trusty dustpan and brush in between. Not that we don’t love vacuuming but the dustpan and brush combo doesn’t cost any money or energy!


Fully Loaded

Washing itty bitty loads uses the same juice as full loads – save up your dirty laundry to fill the machine and save cash!

Basket case

A laundry basket is a good way to stack up all your dirty washing during the week to make sure you only wash full loads. If your machine has an energy saving option, try it out for extra savings on your energy bill.

White wash

Running your washing machine for a just a few light coloured clothes is a waste of energy and money. Try wearing more white clothes in a week so you can save them up for a white wash.

Mix it up

No need to separate your guys – Try using wash bags for your delicates. This way you can save up your clothes for a full load and wash them all at once. (Probably still best to keep your light coloured clothes away from your lucky red cap though!)

Juice diet

Your washing machine may be gulping up extra juice without your realising – Use an economy cycle or load-sensing function to put your machine on a juice diet that will save you cash on your electricity bill.

Spin class

Change the spin setting on your washing machine to 400rpm. It’ll use less energy, plus your clothes will be less creased when they’re all done. Which means less ironing time. Bonus.

Cold turkey

Myth busting time. You don’t need to wash your clothes in warm or hot water to remove stains. Cold uses about a quarter of the energy and is just as effective. Depending on the stain, everyday items like rubbing alcohol, soda water, white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are all effective at getting the marks out of your garments.

Old time wash in cold

In the olden days people had to use hot water to get rid of stains in washing. Luckily, fabrics and detergents are much more advanced nowadays. Washing in cold water works just as well as will save you big bucks on your electricity bill. Try it out and see for yourself.


Summer rain

There’s nothing like a summer storm, unless you are trying to dry your washing! Invest in a drying rack or portable clothesline so you can avoid using the dryer and still get your clothes dry when it’s raining outside.

Hangin’ out.

Who needs a dryer when we have the sun’s rays? Next time you dry your threads, give your tracky dacks some Vitamin D by hanging them in the sun. Not only will they last longer by staying out of the dryer’s sight, but they will be naturally disinfected by the sun. Dryers cost you big bucks anyway. Double win! Niiiiice.

Germ slayer

Pegging your washing in the sun is a natural disinfectant! Perfect for sheets and towels. Ditch the dryer – the sun is free!

Darth Dryer

Using a dryer costs you big bucks – Avoiding the dryer in favour of a clothesline can save you more than $100 a year! If you really do need to use the dryer, make sure you clean the filter regularly – Cleaning the filter not only reduces any fire danger, it also makes your dryer work better to help reduce your power bills.

Cool it

Do you really need to use the dryer? If so, save bucks by running it on low or medium heat. There’s no need for crispy towels.

Stop. Hanger time.

As soon as you grab your clothes out of the machine, put your shirts directly on hangers, shape them out and then hang them up to dry. They’ll be less wrinkled plus they are ready to go straight back in the cupboard once they are dry. Save time and money on drying and ironing.



Crease-free kit

Not a morning person? Here’s how to remove ironing from your daily routine and grab some extra snooze time. Firstly, it’s a good idea to pop your clothes on the line as soon as they’re done in the wash. Once your outfit’s dry, hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The steam will help get any extra wrinkles out.

Bust a move

If you need to iron, bust out big piles of clothes all at once to recycle the heat and save money.



Positive payback

Maybe your Landlord can lend a hand. Did you know that Ergon offers rebates to homeowners and landlords to help tackle energy costs and older or high consuming appliances? Getting your landlord to take advantage of these offers will help you save money on your electricity bill in the long run. There’s cash back offers available for hot water, air conditioners and pool pumps.

Star shopper

Buying energy efficient stuff. Next time you fork out for a new appliance or device, make sure you check out how energy efficient it is. As a smart juice-reducer, you now know that different electrical appliances and devices cost you different amounts of money to run. For major appliances like whitegoods, check the star rating sticker underneath the stars where it says how much energy it uses – compare the watts (kWh) to save money in the long run! Also note that washing machines are star rated based on using warm water. But you know better than that – go cold and save big! So next time you are sniffing out a bargain, be smart and think of the future cost too – your future bank balance thanks you in advance.